Acupuncture for Your Soul Reviews the Past Year

April 24, 2017

Good Morning Dear Readers,

Over a year ago Acupuncture for Your Soul, our magical, miracle book of life changing Aha! Moments was launched.  Over 50 friends and family attended the book signing debut and celebration!  It has been a fun, rewarding year full of new experiences (Aha! Moments!)  as we participated in book fairs, signings and Aha! Moment discussions facilitated by Bonnie Kneller.  (Bonnie’s story is on page 114.)  Unity Book Fairs, Gecko gals, Sacred Space, Desert Hills library in Cave Creek were some of the fun events and recently THE TUCSON FESTIVAL of BOOKS.

The important messages of interconnectedness, validation, laughter, love, empowerment, consolation, courage are the gifts of 22 real people.  We trust you will be inspired and motivated to write your own story, to acknowledge and look for your own “Aha! Moments”.

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