Acupuncture for Your Soul Gets Ready for The Tucson Festival of Books

February 24, 2017

Good Morning Dear Readers,

Finally, it’s time to get ready for The Tucson Festival of Books, one of the largest book festivals in the United States, located on the mall at The University of Arizona.  Here are the details:

ACUPUNCTURE for Your Soul, A Collection of “Aha!Moments!
“Story after story heals and inspires. “
Are you currently at a crossroads,?
Are you  immersed in any kind of challenge? 
Or simply seeking encouragement?
 AFS wants readers to emerge ready to embrace who they are. 
To trust their own knowing. 
To celebrate the truth that no one is alone. 
 We are all connected.
These 22 authentic”soul” stories 
gifts of love, laughter, validation, and 
the courage 
and the impetus to write your own “Soul”story
You are  invited to explore ,acknowledge and experience your own
“AHA! Moments!
To just enjoy  and utilize the meditations and spiritual exercises offered!
Come meet us on March 11, 2017 ,10 AM
Wheatmark Publishing Booth #137
Tucson Festival of Books
for more information contact  Rae Jacob at or Jan Henrikson at You can also 
Available for AHA Moments discussions!

Rae Jacob

Jan and Rae

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