Acupuncture for Your Soul Introduces Marti Matthews and shares her story, How I Got Out of the Convent

January 27, 2017

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Today, Acupuncture for Your Soul introduces Marti Matthews……Marti Matthews, friend to many, a mother and grandmother, writer, spiritual explorer, counselor.  Her book Pain: The Challenge and the Gift, on the psychology and spirituality of suffering, was praised by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Norman Shealy and Madeleine L’Engle.  She was raised in western Michigan where she learned to love nature and music.  She has lived in the Chicago area all her adult life, where her mind and friendships could expand limitlessly.  She has been a member of the Religious Society of Friends since 1979, is now also a Unitarian, has studied Zen, Feminine Spirituality, Spiritualism, and the New Age teachings of “Seth”/Jane Roberts, plus many other religions, theologies, and philosophies.  For  more Marti adventures, visit her blog:

Here is some of Marti’s story:


How I Got out of the Convent

By Marti Matthews

A very slight shift it was, but it put me on a new path that began to diverge away from exterior obedience and increasingly towards hearing and trusting my own inner guide.

     I was raised a Roman Catholic, a warm world full of symbols and color and ecstatic images of devotion, love and noble aspirations.  But there were some traps.  The idea that had its jaws around me was the teaching called “original sin” and the consequent need for salvation.  This belief tells us that as soon as we’ve taken a breath into the world we are sinful because our ancestors ate an apple when they were told not to;  that the almighty creator-of-all required the horrible death of his son to make amends for this; that suffering is a noble way to show our love to this almighty power who is still said to be loving and merciful.  The glorification of suffering was the spider web that had me trapped.

     For various reasons, by the time I was a teenager, my mind was a mess.  I lived in a dual world.  During the school year my life was a small farm town high school class of 44 students.  I spent summers at a camp for rich city girls, a camp whose mission was to make Christian leaders out of us, champions of great deeds in the world.  I felt I was unable to succeed well in either place, but that I did have something to give to the world.  I felt most powerful and alive in academics.  I loved to learn and felt especially attracted to subjects like literature, philosophy, theology – instinctively searching for ways to look at life that might help me feel happier.  I had not yet discovered psychology, and any self-help books I encountered were based in the Christian trap-story (sacrifice, unselfishness, noble suffering).

Continue to read Marti’s story in Acupuncture for Your Soul.  It’s a great, inspiring story.

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