Acupuncture for Your Soul Introduces Sharon Kirk

January 20, 2017

Good Morning Dear Readers, Family and Friends,

By Marco Prado

Today I introduce Sharon Kirk:  After settling Zube and Lyle’s home estate, Sharon Kirk spent four years in the White Mountains whee she became the principal and teacher in a charter elementary school.  She made long-lasting friendships in Show Low/Lakeside and Tucson and continued to study integrative medicine.  She was present when her mother died peacefully in her home.  For the past 12 years she has renovated her home to become a healthy sustainable systems environment; has been staff and event planner at Washington and Lee University; served on many sustainable education and local farm committees.  She is on the Board for the Healthy Foods Coop.  Here is a part of Sharon’s story:


Temporal Dowsing

By Sharon Kirk

It was April 1999.  Fear was rampant that the Y2K computer bug might strike at the turn of the twentieth century and shut down civilization as we knew it.  I felt alarm of a different kind.  I followed a sudden urge to call my Uncle Lyle, my mother’s brother, who’d been married to my Aunt Zube for 60 years, not fully grasping it would be the collapse of civilization as my family knew it.

Lyle barely had the strength to answer the phone.  I instantly contacted his neighbor to call 911.  Fortunately, his neighbor was home.  My handsome, world-traveled and progressive cardiologist uncle ended up in ICU…….


Please read the continuation of Sharon’s story in Acupuncture for Your Soul.  Her story is heartfelt and a great story for everyone.  Thank you Sharon.


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