Acupuncture for Your Soul Today

January 24, 2017

Good Morning Dear Readers, Friends and Family,

By Shirley Dunn Perry

A short note for today:

Keep quiet,

Listen, observing,

You will know the next step.

It will unfold without your help.

It will unfold beautifully,

Even dramatically

If you truly let go

And Let God work on His own.

He knows how to do that, you know.

Miracles are just waiting for you to allow them to

Blossom like

Wild flowers,

Without fear,

Without wanting to take shelter

Or hide from your destiny.

Keep the image of a gentle colorful acupuncture

Treatment, releasing all your etheric bodies,

Clearing and strengthening,

Filling the void with JOY,

Laughter and fun for yourself and others.


Wishing You a Peaceful and Wonderful Day,



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