AFS share Mike Bouley’s Message About The Last Supper

April 13, 2017

Good Morning Dear Readers,

Today, I wanted to share a special writing by a special person.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Mike Bouley.



The Last Supper

By:  Mike Bouley

Today’s deposition was bedside at an elder care facility, as close as I could get to a dear sweet woman who has terminal cancer.  I introduced myself and told her she had beautiful eyes, which was not a lie.  I knew I would be scooting in very close, as she hardly had any voice.  I wanted her comfortable with me that near.  As she patiently rasped out her answers to all the lawyers’ questions, I quietly wrote them all down.  She was still sharp, and I felt privileged to be there.  When we were done, the lawyers left, and I stayed behind with the videographer, each packing up our equipment.  Off the record, she talked about having lived most of her life in Montana, her husband of 63 years, their children and grandchildren, the things they did as a family.  The beautiful summers.  The delicious elk meat her husband would bring home.  The berries.  The fruit trees.  The dogs and the grass.  I pictured a life well lived.

That’s when I noticed the picture on the wall above me and behind me – The Last Supper.  As I drove home, a quiet 90 minutes of beautiful Arizona mountains, I reflected on why her presence had felt so peaceful to me.  All I can say is this:  I believe there are windows between this world and the next.  Those windows open when we are born, and when we pass.

She was close, and the window felt open to me.  I believe the angels were hovering, preparing to take her home.  I think this is why I felt so blessed to be there, because of the presence of those angels.  Very soon, she will, indeed, have her own last supper.  The thought was bittersweet to me.

This may or may not resonate with you.  I respect both views.  But I know this:  There are no guarantees in life, other than it someday ends for each of us.  Life and death have different speeds.  When we are young, life is fast and death is slow.  And when our time is near, life slows down and death speeds up.  It may be in our advanced senior years, or it may happen sooner.  We never know when our own last supper will be.  So live your life with love for your family and friends, with gratitude for your blessings, and with a kind heart.  Just do your best.  That’s all anyone can ask.  This was the most important thing I heard her say today, though I heard it with my heart.

It was a powerfully emotional job today, and an honor and a privilege to be there.  And on the way home, I said a prayer for this sweet lady Lora, once young, now old, and I asked for comfort and mercy for her in whatever time she had left on earth, and for her family when she is gone.  I am quite confident she will soon be at peace, and Home.

Today I wrote in the presence of angels.  Today was an awesome day.


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  • Sweet story and touching. Yes our Last Supper. My dear friend has stomach cancer and was told to have her stomach removed. She celebrated by having her last supper for her stomach. God bless her and her positive way of living with her challenge. Happy Easter from Leigh

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