Co-created with love for you and your environment.


Flower and Gem Essences have been called “bridges to the soul.” They are made from the energy imprint of the flower or gem stone transferred into pure water and placed in the sun.

There is no flavor or aroma associated with the pure essences. Flower and Gem essences are available with the addition of essential oils. My essences do not have essential oils in them unless it is an individual request.

These wonderful gifts from God’s nature kingdom assist us in balancing our inner self in a gentle and subtle manner. They do not take the place of OR interfere with medical advise or treatment. We use the essences for our education and research purposes only.

They offer great insight and support for our journey here. I like to call them a great tool for INNER & OUTER FITNESS~~~~leading to the experience of one’s own radiance!

A general guideline is to use four drops at a time, four times a day in water. However, it is fine to follow your intuition and use them as often as you like.

Most people find that they tend to use them more often in the beginning and less often towards the end of the cycle. Unless otherwise indicated, a cycle is usually two to four weeks.

The purpose of this flower essence is to offer gentle assistance and awareness in following your soul’s purpose on earth. Use with the highest intention to remember and be in your world who you are in the innermost part of your being, the perfect holographic blueprint of your soul!!!