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October 12, 2016
By: Dina Calverese

By: Dina Calverese

Good Morning and Many Blessings on this Wednesday,

I hope everyone is well and happy today.  First, this morning I want to share some information from Elizabeth Peru,

3 REASONS TO PREPARE FOR THE SUPER FULL MOON: Dear Tip-Off Community, This weekend’s coming Suepr Full Moon is the first of 2016 and the first of three such Super Moon’s in October, November and December. What does it mean? Well, that we are in for a final three months of 2016 where more RELEASING and letting go is in store….

Meet Elizabeth Peru

Meet Elizabeth Peru

Here are 3 REASONS to be prepared (please share):
1. Our physical body is showing signs of purging and detoxing this week. Colds, flu, blocked sinuses/ears (third eye clearing), sore lower backs, strained muscles, thymus palpitations etc. are common place. Soul is calling for you to reconnect with your body through meditation, slowing down and natural remedies.

2. Forgiveness and release will be happening this weekend. You may be surprised by how easily you can let past hurts go.

3. The Super Full Moon completes a cycle began at the Super New Moon in April. We are coming full circle Elizabeth Peru

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Dear Readers, Read on, this information is so important and helpful.

Do you all think this information is helpful in the way we manage our lives?  In Acupuncture for Your Soul, the back of the book has blank pages for YOU, to write, interact and dream.  Acupuncture for Your Soul is and interactive book where the energy can keep growing.  Take a moment and share your story and your creative self.  I would love to hear from you.

We have so many wonderful people who have contributed to Acupuncture for Your Soul, so many talented and wonderful people who have shared their dreams and stories.  So far, I have introduced some and will continue to introduce more.

Today is a day for reflection, purging and detoxing.  Soul is calling for your to reconnect with your body through meditation, slowing down and natural remedies.

I am going to link some people who may help:  Ann Hampton Callaway


You Are Loved by:  Suzanne Grosvenor


So, as you are meditating, slowing down, releasing this week, spend some thought about being a Human Being Not a Human Doing.  Please share a story with us about your”Aha Moment.”  How did it happen, what happened, when did it take place?  Who knows there maybe another AFS and your story may be in it?

Enjoy the beautiful music and the reading from Elizabeth Peru today. Love, love and more love.



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