Good Morning Dear Acupuncture for Your Soul Readers, Friends and Family…Today I Introduce Andrew Gartner

October 17, 2016

img_5656Good Morning and Blessings on this lovely Monday,

Again, this morning I was going through Acupuncture for You Soul and trying to decide who I wanted to introduce this Monday morning.  As I was looking I came across the picture of Hazel Parcells and reread the story Andrew Gartner wrote.  So, today Please Welcome Andrew Gartner:

Andrew Gartner is trained in the field of Architecture.  His hope is to offer people a place to find inspiration to live  a happy life in body, mind and spirit..  Some of his projects include:  Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, Lost Continent Adventure Park, Orlando, Florida, Into the West, a television movie for Dreamworks Productions, and AmorePacific-“(Inner) Beauty Transforms the World”-Experiential Branding Centerin Seoul, South Korea.   Thanks to teachers like Dr. Hazel Parcells, he gained a respect and understanding of the interconnection of all things in the environment and cosmos.  He has applies these methodologies to the designs for three Montessori School campuses in which he has created experiential educational environments.  Visit him at :


Milagros in Abundancemilagros3

By Andrew Gartner

milagro2Ghost white and weak, I sat across the table from Dr. Hazel Parcells, 92 years old, with twinkling blue eyes that sparkled like fragments of stars, dynamic red hair, and bright pink rouge on her cheeks.  I was only 28 years old and 6’2″ tall, yet I looked like a skeleton.  In only three months, I’d dropped from 165 lbs. to 130 lbs.

Dr. Hazel Parcells

Dr. Hazel Parcells

How did this happen?  I’d had an amazing dream job with George Lucas, married the love of my life, become father to my incredible adopted son Gabriel, and was accepted into the Master of architecture program at Berkeley.  All blessings unfolding simultaneously.

Read the entire story:  Milagros in Abundance by Andrew Gartner, in Acupuncture for Your Soul.

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The All Zona Book Fest is this Sunday at St. Frances Cabrini Parish Hall in Tucson.

Things are happening and moving.   

Happy Monday, Blessings and Love,

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