Happy Monday, Today We Introduce Karen Callan, Read About her Story In Acupuncture for Your Soul

September 12, 2016

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First of all, thank you to all my readers, we are getting so many new “Likes” on Facebook.  Second, I have great news to share, Mostly Books in Tucson is now carrying Acupuncture for Your Soul.  Our meeting with them was very fun and now they are asking for a poster to hang up.  Run, run and get your copy.

Our writer today is such a gifted women, Karen Callan is a life long Tucsonian and a dear friend.  Today I would like to share her bio and her story:

Karen Callan

Karen Callan

Karen Callan is an author, storyteller, and artist.  Owner of Rosa Yoga since 2003, Karen is n E-RYT-500 registered yoga teacher who has taught classes, retreats and workshops across the country including The Yoga Alliance Conference, The Big Breathe, and The Sedona Yoga Festival.  Laughter, listening to Broadway musicals and spending time on the floor with her grandchildren are some of her greatest pleasures.  She and her husband Kelly share their time between homes in Tucson and Sedona, Arizona with their dogs Clay and Chloe.  For more info about Karen and her gifts visit: http://www.rosayoga.com

Grandma Rosa

Blunt, dramatic, and vocal, Grandma never veered from being honest.  Oftentimes, her confident speaking voice and bold commentary put a legendary mark on the occasion.  One never knew where or when the zinger would land.  We just knew that it would.  And memorable moments they became.

     As a fifty-year yoga practitioner, Grandma made it her practice to live mindfully.  Her colorful comments and enthusiastic nature lit up every conversation, yet her wisdom in meditation yielded a strong sense of her silent self as well.  Both were happily passed down to me.

Read more of Karen’s story in Acupuncture for Your Soul.  And thank you so much Karen for making this book come alive.

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