Happy New Year from Acupuncture for Your Soul

January 3, 2017

Good Morning Dear Readers, Friends and Family,

Here is hoping for a wonderful 2017 for everyone.  Things continue to move.  The Jacob Christmas Holiday was wonderful, filled with so much love.

Acupuncture for Your Soul continues to grow and move.  So many of our wonderful writers are engaged in many different things, Shirley Dunn Perry, Ann Hampton Callaway, Tina Powers and so many of you.  Thank you so much for all you contribute to our world.

Today I wanted to share something wonderful that has happened to Shirley Dunn Perry:  This is from Shirley Dunn Perry’s Facebook page:  HOLY CROW! My painting of DeGrazia Chapel is in today’s newspaper. This link doesn’t go directly to my painting. Look for Home and Life Section front page article on Tucson Artists, and clck on continue at bottom. Holy Crow!  Please follow Shirley’s instructions on how to access the article.

Meet Shirley

And this is the link to The Arizona Daily Star: http://arizonadailystar.az.newsmemory.com/?token=b50ed9e3283516c68addeffca8f772c5&cnum=6292729&fod=1111111STD&selDate=20161225&licenseType=none


A short little paragraph from Acupuncture for Your Soul:

What I’ve learned…is that you should never let anyone extinguish your dreams, no matter how well intentioned those people may be.  Pursue those dreams, air high and make your own truths intentionally.  Evaluate the advice you’re given in the light of your own reality and don’t accept it as absolute truth.  After all, it’s your life.

By Shirley Dunn Perry

-Mara Aspinall

Biotechnology Industry leader and Visionary

So, dear friends, keep contributing, keep sharing your vision and your “aha moments” and most of all thank you for being a part of Acupuncture for Your Soul.





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