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“‘Acupuncture for Your Soul’ takes the understanding of the uses of energy in the body to the next level. Story after story heals the soul and helps you discover your own Aha! Moments."

—Gladys Taylor McGarey, MD, MD (H)

Mother of American Holistic Medical Association

Good Morning Dear Readers,

As we are approaching a very special time of year, some thoughts come to me about Palm Sunday and what that means:  Have you ever thought about re-setting your GPS?????

Palm Sunday Thoughts

By:  Rae Jacob

Energetic stillness is what I hear and feel!  It is at once strange and blissful.

Just before I woke this morning the scene of Palm Sunday was alive and vivid.  The awareness and gift of observing again the fleeting nature of success, fame, recognition and acclaim was not to be ignored.  This “worldly” approval is so transitory-one day hailed as a hero-the next day as a criminal.

These vicissitudes of life are a part of our existence.

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Good Morning Dear Readers,

As Spring is here some things come to my mind this morning.   Things about Cleaning Your House on many levels:  Here are my thoughts.


Spring Cleaning
It is traditional to do Spring cleaning (on many levels) at this time of year in preparation for the most Holy days of the season.
Can we slow down enough and allow some time for this “cleaning”? 
  Lets gift ourselves with the time to clear the clutter from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual closets of our life.
lets take a few silent moments each day to listen  and observe if we have become more a 
“human doing” and  less a “human being”—with the emphasis on BEING. Continue reading
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Good Morning Dear Readers,

As Spring is arriving, some thoughts came to me that I wanted to share with you:


Spring is here and 
The wildflowers are profusely blooming in all their radiance, color and glory
Why don’t we?
Note how the flowers have their rest(dormant) times 
How they keep reaching to the sun(Source)
How they are grounded in the earth! 
Why don’t we?
Why not Take back our power?
Why not Take back our thoughts?
Why not take back our life
But Then What?
 Who can we blame?
Check out the image of how we sometimes point a finger at  something or someone as an excuse for our lives—only Continue reading
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Good Morning Dear Readers,

The Acupuncture for Your Soul family had a great time at the Tucson Festival of Books.  I will be sharing some pictures and today I wanted to share a letter from a reader.


I really enjoyed your book – seriously. The stories and the photos are so genuine and honest, I don’t think I would change anything. I personally believe that the world is longing for more “realness” right now. These stories – the way they are told and the photos that have been selected for each feel “real.” Being real sounds easy to do but it surprisedly polished out of most every thing in the world these days.
I should also share with you that while reading Continue reading
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Good Morning Dear Readers,

It’s finally time:  Acupuncture for Your Soul will shine at:  

An event with over 135,000 people in Tucson, Arizona, The Tucson Festival of Books.  I will be sharing your beautiful, heartfelt stories in booth #137 and I will be signing books at 10:30.  Take a trip to the University of Arizona and meet me and maybe some of the wonderful writers published in Acupuncture for Your Soul.  Thank you for making this book a success.
























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