Soul level inspiration communicated through the authentic stories of contributors is balm for the spirit and neither gender nor age specific.


“‘Acupuncture for Your Soul’ takes the understanding of the uses of energy in the body to the next level. Story after story heals the soul and helps you discover your own Aha! Moments."

—Gladys Taylor McGarey, MD, MD (H)

Mother of American Holistic Medical Association

November 23, 2016

Good Morning,img_3647

Wishing all our Acupuncture for Your Soul Family love and thanks this Thanksgiving.  Acupuncture for Your Soul would never have gotten where we are with out all of you:  Thank you for sharing your stories, souls and hearts:  Kimberly Jacob, Ann Hampton Callaway, Roslyn Elena McGrath, Carol Markham-Cousins, Marti Matthews, Leigh Stivers, Marco Prado, Shirley Dunn Perry, Andrew Gartner, Maureen Morales, Mary L. Holden, Tina Powers, Suzanne Grosvenor, Holly Sack, Tricia Davidson, Bonnie Kneller, Terry Duffy, Ann Capotosto, Sharon Kirk, Jenn Morgan, Sarahni Stumpf and Karen Callan.

Share in the love this Thanksgiving, count your blessings and enjoy the people at your table.

Love,Version 4




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Love and Blessings on Monday,img_4882

As we move on publishing our Acupuncture for Your Soul stories, today I wanted to focus on the mind behind AFS, Rae Jacob.  This book was a dream come true for Rae and a beautiful gift for her birthday.  Things are moving forward, our stories are getting heard, books are being sold, the blog is working and AFS is getting lots of notice on Facebook.  Also, as we talked about last week, Acupuncture for Your Soul is the runner up in 2016 Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book Competition.


So, Dear Readers, Friends and Family, as you can see, things are moving.  You can help by writing a review of Acupuncture for Your Soul on Amazon.   Continue reading

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img_5656Good Morning and Many Blessings this Wednesday,

Again, my usual blog process  is  going through Acupuncture for Your Soul to see who’s story to highlight today.  I flip through the book and look at all the wonderful stories people have shared and finally I settle on who……Today, I am honored to introduce Sarahni (Susan) Stumpf.

Sarahni (Susan) Stumpt is retired from a career as a Physician Assistant and Acupuncturist.  She left her work in medical care to pursue the wisdom through which people can find healing into ultimate happiness.  She, with her husband, David, long time residents of Southern Arizona are enjoying the great outdoors year-round.  They are both well-trained in the monastic teachings of Gelukpa Buddhism as well Continue reading

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November 14, 2016

Wishing you all Love and Blessings this Monday,

Good Morning, with so much going on in our world this week AFS has so many positive things to share with you.

First of all, Acupuncture for Your Soul is a runner up for the 2016 Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book Competition.  

This is a huge honor and what this means is more and more people will read the AFS stories.  We are blessed, thrilled and excited about this.

And, I have a few things to talk about today:

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Good Morning Dear AFS Family,img_4882

Today I am excited to introduce Mary L. Holden……Mary L. Holden of Phoenix, AZ is a freelance editor and writer.  She enjoys the “free” part of her job and uses the “lance” to improve words and sharpen clarity in communication.  When the i in “editor” meets the i in “writer” we see eye-to-eye!  Visit her at (note the lower case “l” between mary and holden).  Here is Mary’s story:


Big GardeniaA Veil of Tulle, Titanium or Truth

By:  Mary L. Holden

Tulle in several layers, attached to a 1954 vintage beaded cap and wrapped in tissue, is stored in a yellowed cardboard box on the top shelf of my closet.  My Continue reading

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