Rae Jacob asks, “What’s Your Timeline”?

May 3, 2017

Good Morning Dear Readers,

There is no greater agony in life than bearing an untold story inside you. – Maya Angelou

What’s your story?

Take a trip thru your own “timeline.”  Watch the movie of your life as an objective viewer!  Review again to sense what parts evoke emotions such as joy, fear, failure, success, excitement, courage etc.  You get the idea?

In a gestalt fashion make lists and who knows – a story of YOU, Your life journey, Your life experiences – Your Aha! Moments! will evolve!

Most of us rush thru our lives and all of a sudden the curtain comes down and it is over!  So, Young or Old take time now to reflect on what you have done about what life has presented to you.  You will be amazed and empowered by acknowledging your life experiences.  Reviewing your life will offer illumination, some inspiration, perhaps a few tears, even laughter.

Remember the incidents that remain hidden are the ones that usurp our life forces.  Dive into your own life.  None is judging you.

Pack a pen and paper, loads of patience, forgiveness and love for your self and others as you courageously “hop the train” thru your timeline.  Remember to keep your sense of humor handy!


“Timeline is a linear representation of important events in the order in which they accrued.”

Think about it, think about your story!!!!!












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