Rae Jacob shares Palm Sunday Thoughts

April 11, 2017

Good Morning Dear Readers,

As we are approaching a very special time of year, some thoughts come to me about Palm Sunday and what that means:  Have you ever thought about re-setting your GPS?????

Palm Sunday Thoughts

By:  Rae Jacob

Energetic stillness is what I hear and feel!  It is at once strange and blissful.

Just before I woke this morning the scene of Palm Sunday was alive and vivid.  The awareness and gift of observing again the fleeting nature of success, fame, recognition and acclaim was not to be ignored.  This “worldly” approval is so transitory-one day hailed as a hero-the next day as a criminal.

These vicissitudes of life are a part of our existence.

The Holiest of weeks for so many of us offers us a GPS of sorts!  It is available if we choose to figure it out!  Depending on the destinations, locations we enter in to our GPS, Jesus gives us an inner road map to follow – highlighted by His journey of putting on the Mantle, the Robe of His purpose on earth and showing us a Way.

His final words still reverberate through time, “IT IS FINISHED, IT IS ACCOMPLISHED, IT IS FULFILLED.”

How do we apply this concluding statement to our lives?

To quote John P. Mossi, S.J.

“Pray for wisdom to know our mission.”

Pray for the courage to accomplish our mission-to fulfill it and to finish it.

Pray for discernment and creative authority to leave behind what needs to be finished once and for all.

What do we need to let go of?”

Imagine living in His Radiance with less old baggage and a re-set inner GPS!

Thank you for Reading,



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