My passion for helping others was the impetus for all my endeavors.

My quest for health introduced me to Dr. Hazel Parcells. Dr. Parcells was 97 when I took my first weeklong class with her!! After meeting and taking classes with her, my life and health changed for the better–An intriguing journey began that introduced me to energy, nutrition, color therapy and other ancient universal principles.

My practice is about Energy, — or lack there of it! Energy has many names like, Chi, prana, mana, breath of God, grace, and life force, just to name a few. mana, breath of God, grace, and life force, just to name a few.

Yes, rocket scientists and physicists work with Energy, so do I — and so do YOU! How we utilize our “energy” reflects in our health on all levels.

It affects the harmony and flow of our lives and how much we all struggle to create and maintain a balance of life, of living, of loving, of serving.

I invite you to one aspect of this journey and to explore the power and radiance of nature through Flower and Gem Essences. Flower Essence consultations are available in person, by phone or email. Your custom essence can be mailed to you!

Expand YOUR horizons! Experience YOUR radiance! Thinking “out of the box” is both fun and and a great tool for not just “living longer but living better”!

Let’s take a journey together!