October 17, 2016

img_5656Good Morning and Blessings on this lovely Monday,

Again, this morning I was going through Acupuncture for You Soul and trying to decide who I wanted to introduce this Monday morning.  As I was looking I came across the picture of Hazel Parcells and reread the story Andrew Gartner wrote.  So, today Please Welcome Andrew Gartner:

Andrew Gartner is trained in the field of Architecture.  His hope is to offer people a place to find inspiration to live  a happy life in body, mind and spirit..  Some of his projects include:  Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, Lost Continent Adventure Park, Orlando, Florida, Into the West, a television movie for Dreamworks Productions, and AmorePacific-“(Inner) Beauty Transforms the World”-Experiential Branding Centerin Continue reading

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October 5, 2016

Good Morning Dear Readers,img_4882

As the week moves on, so much going on:  Today, going through AFS and rereading so many wonderful stories, my dear friend Holly Sack came to me……So, I would like to highlight Holly and her beautiful AFS story and inspiration:

Welcome Holly and Thank You for Your Beautiful Words

     Holly Sack is a certified black belt Nia instructor and has been teaching Nia in Tucson for the past 10 years.  Her classes move people literally and figuratively with tenderness and high energy.  Holly’s insight and wisdom, along with life experiences facilitate openings for others to consciously discover themselves in movement.  Nia is a movement class that combines 9 different forms of classical movement.   Continue reading

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October 3, 2016

Good Morning Dear Acupuncture for Your Soul Family,img_3647

As I was going through the book this morning and thinking what to write about I came across this lovely poem written by Soonalyn Jacob that I want to share.

Celebrating Acupuncture for Your Soul Moments

When we can identify what we are feeling,  we can consciously move our productive energy forward and up.

Soonalyn Jacob


     And, another beautiful Moment:

Keep quiet,

Listening, observing,

All with humility, acceptance, awareness and

You will know the next step.

It will unfold without your help.

It will unfold beautifully,

Even dramatically

If you truly let go

And Let God work on His own.

He knows how to do that, you know.

Miracles are just waiting Continue reading

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September 28, 2016

iStock_000060457406_MediumToday, I have a guest writer who wants to introduce me……Good Morning, my name is Andrea Bryant and I have been helping Aunt Rae work with AFS on social media.  Well, today I want to introduce Aunt Rae and talk about AFS.  This will be a surprise  when she wakes up and reads this……

                                  About Rae!!!!!

     Rae’s current passion is to pass on what she has learned to others who wish to expand their horizons.  Her horizons really expanded when she began taking weeklong classes with Dr. Hazel Parcells, a pioneer in Energy Medicine and Nutrition.  This privilege lasted from Continue reading

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September 26, 2016

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday,

Things continue to fly and move in the promotion for Acupuncture for Your Soul.  Thank you, thank you and thank you.  You can also help.  Please write a review on Amazon, please comment in the comment section of the blog and please share on your Facebook page.  There are many more stories to tell, many more beautiful people to share their Aha Moments and we are asking for your help to make this happen.

Today, I am introducing Tina Powers, some of you may know her, some of you may remember her when she was our local newscaster and some of you may know the special gift she has and that she shares:

Tina Powers Continue reading

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