September 8, 2016

Good Morning Dear Readers,

As this week is going by, so many wonderful things are happening for Acupuncture for Your Soul, our energy continues to empower others.  Today, I am introducing a dear friend and a wonderful writer, Leigh Stivers.

Leigh Stivers has practiced spirituality for 46 years as a teacher, counselor, minister, speaker, mystic.  His life is dedicated to service.


Leigh wrote a chapter for Acupuncture for Your Soul called A Trip to Freedom:  I am going to share a bit of his story this morning:

Leigh and his partner Ron were planning a trip to Belize in March 2009.  As, he was doing his morning meditation before the trip a vision of a man approached them.  He Continue reading

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November 15, 2015

acupuncture for your soul

It was at mass in the grace-filled Carmelite chapel in Guam that I was overcome with this incredible peace, the one we read and hear about, the one beyond all understanding. This was the peace I tasted, felt, and swam in for precious moments.

The words, rich with feeling, flashed in front of me: This is Acupuncture for your Soul. The day before I had received acupuncture for my legs. The result was amazing. My body experienced a great flow of circulation and freedom from discomfort—such release. A relief from focusing on what did not feel comfortable. During those precious moments in the chapel I felt the same comfort, flow, release in my soul. Continue reading

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