October 12, 2016

Good Morning and Many Blessings on this Wednesday,

I hope everyone is well and happy today.  First, this morning I want to share some information from Elizabeth Peru, http://www.elizabethperu.com

3 REASONS TO PREPARE FOR THE SUPER FULL MOON: Dear Tip-Off Community, This weekend’s coming Suepr Full Moon is the first of 2016 and the first of three such Super Moon’s in October, November and December. What does it mean? Well, that we are in for a final three months of 2016 where more RELEASING and letting go is in store….

Here are 3 REASONS to be prepared (please share):
1. Our physical body is showing signs of purging and detoxing this week. Colds, flu, blocked sinuses/ears (third eye clearing), sore lower backs, Continue reading

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