November 7, 2016

Good Morning Dear Friends, Family and Readers,

As always blessings continue:  Today Acupuncture for Your Soul is honored to introduce Bonnie Kneller:  Bonnie was born and raised in Queens New York and later in Syosset LI, NY.  She earned a BA in Psychology from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 1981.  Bonnie earned her first Master’s in Social Work from the Hunter Graduate School of Social Work in NYC in 1986 and her second Master’s in School Guidance Counseling from University of Phoenix in 1999.  She has had a private practice in Tucson for the last 23 years and previously in NY.  She currently works at a large diverse inner city high school as a school social worker and Continue reading

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October 12, 2016

Good Morning and Many Blessings on this Wednesday,

I hope everyone is well and happy today.  First, this morning I want to share some information from Elizabeth Peru,

3 REASONS TO PREPARE FOR THE SUPER FULL MOON: Dear Tip-Off Community, This weekend’s coming Suepr Full Moon is the first of 2016 and the first of three such Super Moon’s in October, November and December. What does it mean? Well, that we are in for a final three months of 2016 where more RELEASING and letting go is in store….

Here are 3 REASONS to be prepared (please share):
1. Our physical body is showing signs of purging and detoxing this week. Colds, flu, blocked sinuses/ears (third eye clearing), sore lower backs, Continue reading

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September 12, 2016

Good Morning,IMG_gramarosa

First of all, thank you to all my readers, we are getting so many new “Likes” on Facebook.  Second, I have great news to share, Mostly Books in Tucson is now carrying Acupuncture for Your Soul.  Our meeting with them was very fun and now they are asking for a poster to hang up.  Run, run and get your copy.

Our writer today is such a gifted women, Karen Callan is a life long Tucsonian and a dear friend.  Today I would like to share her bio and her story:

Karen Callan is an author, storyteller, and artist.  Owner of Rosa Yoga since 2003, Karen is n E-RYT-500 registered yoga teacher who has taught classes, retreats and workshops Continue reading

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