March 8, 2017

Good Morning Dear Readers,

We are getting so close to one of the largest book festivals in the United States.  I am very excited to share your stories in Acupuncture for Your Soul.

22 contributors share the personal Aha! moments

That transformed their lives.

You may resonate with Bonnie

As she discovers a sense of oneness in a Costa Rican rainforest



Performing healing work at Ground Zero after 9/11



Struggling with whether or not to remain a nun in an Italian convent.



A women, terrified of flying, who prays for protection before a flight-with surprising results.



Who is startled to discover the healing potential of the music

She spontaneously begins to hear.



The principal Continue reading

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January 3, 2017

Good Morning Dear Readers, Friends and Family,

Here is hoping for a wonderful 2017 for everyone.  Things continue to move.  The Jacob Christmas Holiday was wonderful, filled with so much love.

Acupuncture for Your Soul continues to grow and move.  So many of our wonderful writers are engaged in many different things, Shirley Dunn Perry, Ann Hampton Callaway, Tina Powers and so many of you.  Thank you so much for all you contribute to our world.

Today I wanted to share something wonderful that has happened to Shirley Dunn Perry:  This is from Shirley Dunn Perry’s Facebook page:  HOLY CROW! My painting of DeGrazia Chapel is in today’s newspaper. This link doesn’t go directly to my painting. Look for Continue reading

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September 19, 2016

Good Morning,

Thank you and so many new things are happening for Acupuncture for Your Soul.  We are getting the message out there:  We are all interconnected and we all have “Aha Moment’s” that can inspire others.

Today, I would like to introduce one of the women who was involved at the beginning and one of the people who made this book happen.  Shirley Dunn Perry.

Shirley Dunn Perry is an artist, poet, and nurse.  Her passion is to empower others to express their creativity, and to align themselves with their heart’s desires.  She has a private practice which offers alternative approaches, such as painting and hands on energy work, for illness, pain and life-imbalance.  Explore her artwork at: Continue reading

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