April 11, 2017

Good Morning Dear Readers,

As we are approaching a very special time of year, some thoughts come to me about Palm Sunday and what that means:  Have you ever thought about re-setting your GPS?????

Palm Sunday Thoughts

By:  Rae Jacob

Energetic stillness is what I hear and feel!  It is at once strange and blissful.

Just before I woke this morning the scene of Palm Sunday was alive and vivid.  The awareness and gift of observing again the fleeting nature of success, fame, recognition and acclaim was not to be ignored.  This “worldly” approval is so transitory-one day hailed as a hero-the next day as a criminal.

These vicissitudes of life are a part of our existence.

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February 24, 2017

Good Morning Dear Readers,

Finally, it’s time to get ready for The Tucson Festival of Books, one of the largest book festivals in the United States, located on the mall at The University of Arizona.  Here are the details:

ACUPUNCTURE for Your Soul, A Collection of “Aha!Moments!
“Story after story heals and inspires. “
Are you currently at a crossroads,?
Are you  immersed in any kind of challenge? 
Or simply seeking encouragement?
 AFS wants readers to emerge ready to embrace who they are. 
To trust their own knowing. 
To celebrate the truth that no one is alone. 
 We are all connected.
These 22 authentic”soul” stories 
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December 5, 2016

Good Morning and Wishing You All a Happy Fabulous Monday,runner-up

As I was putting together Acupuncture for Your Soul, so many wonderful people came into my life and one of these people is Jan Henrikson.

“Bouquets of gratitude to our Literary Midwife, Jan Henrikson for her sparkling presence, and her keen, insightful, and gentle editing skills.  Jan as been a major force in this book adventure by guiding and encouraging the writers who have so generously shared their personal life changing experiences.  It has been a joyous journey filled with light, laughter, love and so much fun!  Thank you Jan!  You are loved and appreciated!

-Rae & The Acupuncture for Your Soul Family

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