The Third Mary

December 4, 2015

Roslyn Elena McGrath continues learning to channel herself fully into her multi-faceted vocation of creating and sharing Empowering Lightworks—energy, insights, and inspiration to shine your light in the many ways and forms in which they reveal themselves to her. Her love of food, friends, family and nature roots her creative spirit. She lives with her beloved husband and cockapoo along the shores of Lake Superior in beautiful Marquette, MI. To discover more, go to: and

The following is a preview from her Aha! Moment shared in Acupuncture For Your Soul:

“No, I don’t want to!” I exclaimed. It was a skill I’d developed over a lifetime or more, the ability to verbalize a clear, unequivocal line between what I would and would not do, and to stand firm on it, a skill that had kept confusion, risks and crash landings at bay. But this time, it accomplished nothing but to reveal a smidgen of the emotional charge I felt. I began to receive the other-dimensional communication anyway.

I was not “born with the lights on,” seeing and speaking with angels and beings who’d passed over from birth. I’d experienced some déjà vu and even occasional precognition for food (another story!) while growing up, and I can now look back and recognize other instances of intuition at work, but it wasn’t until a health challenge catalyzed my conscious spiritual journey that I began to deliberately “tune in.”

Over time, my intuition, (aided by practices I’d learned and my choice to develop it), became an increasingly regular, supportive resource in my everyday world. The more I used this ability, the stronger it became. It offers me insights into others’ challenges and personal messages from spiritual teachers, guides, angels, and loved ones on the other side, to support achieving breakthroughs.

So when I first read I Remember Union, a retelling of Mary Magdalene’s role as integral and vital to Jesus’s mission, written by Flo Aeveia Magdalena, it was not unusual for me to feel echoes of something more than the printed words themselves. I resonated deeply with this book, reading it three times over a 7 year period, each instance bringing me a new and meaningful experience of the story. Yet one element remained consistent. Each time I read this revision of Mary Magdalene’s part in Biblical times, I would hear, “And you were her mother.”

To read more of Roslyn’s Aha! Moment, you can purchase your very own copy here.

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