The Very First Acupuncture For Your Soul

November 15, 2015

acupuncture for your soul

It was at mass in the grace-filled Carmelite chapel in Guam that I was overcome with this incredible peace, the one we read and hear about, the one beyond all understanding. This was the peace I tasted, felt, and swam in for precious moments.

The words, rich with feeling, flashed in front of me: This is Acupuncture for your Soul. The day before I had received acupuncture for my legs. The result was amazing. My body experienced a great flow of circulation and freedom from discomfort—such release. A relief from focusing on what did not feel comfortable. During those precious moments in the chapel I felt the same comfort, flow, release in my soul.

It was a giant hug of unconditional love. A spark of God—become almost visible, conveying: “Everything in your life is in perfect Divine Order.”

Acupuncture for your Soul, I thought. Could this be the title of a book? The intention was set. Been a long time since that morning in Guam in 2009. Over the last several years due to health circumstances and Spirit, I have been gifted with what I call “re-wirings.” There has been abundant opportunity to just “BE.” I’ve been told many times through the years that I needed to slow down and learn to be “a human BEING and not just a human DOING!” Hmmm, when I was young that did not appeal at all.

But then I am old now (chronologically old) and grateful for “the spiritual opportunity of illness,” a quote from my friend, Jane Hermes, who lived a life full of family, laughter, buoyant spirit and suffering. Jane had an eye removed due to cancer. Her comment? “Ok, I have another one.” When told she had liver cancer and would be dead in two months, she laughed at the doctor. “Don’t worry, Dear, only God knows when I will die.” She was and still is an inspiration, an acupuncture for my soul in the form of a friend, who enriched my life.

With encouragement from her and many spiritual teachers, I’ve discovered that “being” is really a fertile space to inhabit. It is comfortable, even delicious to have had so much personal solitude these last years. How grateful and blessed I feel to have had this time to clear the clutter from the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual closets of my life. An ongoing process. One of meeting myself, remembering who I am, who I was, who I am becoming.

As Danielle LaPorte says, “Who were you before the world told you who to be?”

Uncovering the answer has been and is for me a fun, adventurous and surprising ACUPUNCTURE FOR MY SOUL journey!

In this offering of Aha! Moments from people of various backgrounds, ages, and spiritual beliefs, some stories will resonate immediately. Others may awaken something within you more slowly. No matter, the right voice at the right time can open your heart and guide you into a deeper, richer life, step by step or all at once.

What are your Aha! Moments?

Love and Hugs,


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