Today We Celebrate Acupuncture for Your Soul Moments

October 3, 2016

Good Morning Dear Acupuncture for Your Soul Family,img_3647

As I was going through the book this morning and thinking what to write about I came across this lovely poem written by Soonalyn Jacob that I want to share.

Celebrating Acupuncture for Your Soul Moments

When we can identify what we are feeling,  we can consciously move our productive energy forward and up.

Soonalyn Jacob


     And, another beautiful Moment:

Keep quiet,

Listening, observing,

All with humility, acceptance, awareness and

You will know the next step.

It will unfold without your help.

It will unfold beautifully,

Even dramatically

If you truly let go

And Let God work on His own.

He knows how to do that, you know.

Miracles are just waiting for you to allow them to

Blossom like

Wild flowers,

Without fear,

Without wanting to take shelter

Or hide from your destiny.

Keep the image of a gentle colorful acupuncture

Treatment, releasing all your etheric bodies,

Clearing and strengthening,

Filling the void with JOY,

Laughter and fun for yourself and others.



Your “Aha Moment,” how do you get it?  What happens?  We all have them.  It’s what you do with them.  Do you grow when you have an “Aha Moment,” or do you just keep moving and not pay attention to your “Aha Moment?”

     Acupuncture for Your Soul is an interactive book of stories, a book about real people’s “Aha Moments” and how they changed their lives and other people’s lives.  In the back of the book, there are blank pages for you to dream, write, draw and tell your story about your “Aha Moment.”  Have you ever had one?  Please contact me and share your story, please share this on your social media page.img_5656

     Things are growing and moving very quickly for Acupuncture for Your Soul, now you will see this book at the Tucson Festival of Books in the Spring.  Did you know, The Tucson Festival of Books is one of the largest book festivals in the United States?

     Wheatmark, my publishing company will have a booth there and Acupuncture for Your Soul will be part of this huge event. wheatmark_logo_color

Thank your and Blessings Today

Love, Version 4


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